By James Corcoran, Claremorris Group


When I came to live in Limerick in August 1979, I found it hard to settle in, Up to that time I did things on impulse and this was not a good way to solve problems.

Then I began to go to Grow meetings and people there helped me a lot through the 12 Steps of the Grow Program. In the years that followed, I found that we must plan things well and deal with situations in a positive and sensitive way.

When I moved into my present home in 1984, I always kept in touch with Grow in Knock and now in Claremorris. The positivity and warmth of members and their presence have made me a cheerful and positive person.

It could be said that Grow is part of my life. Every day I say the prayers; the Affirmation of Good, the Act of Surrender, the prayers of Maturity, and the Grow Aspiration. I also go to the meetings in Claremorris when I can.

I always enjoyed the Grow weekends, the local ones, and the national ones, and seeing how Grow has helped so many people to have a better quality of life and a complete transformation in their mental health.