by Maria


When we come to Grow Mental Health we are initially receivers. We may be broken, lost in the wilderness of mental suffering, with no clear direction of a pathway out. Our Grow group facilitates our journey in so many ways. We have found a safe place, where we are free to express our suffering. Knowing there will be no judgement, only understanding from others who have been there too allows us the trust to open up.


This peer support, such a foundation of the Grow group leads us through the darkest of times. It helps us to endure until cured, and to believe in the concept of Personal Value despite our present condition. The programme gives us hope and the strength to commit to the journey even through the tough times. In time, our recovery begins. As we become stronger we now become fully able to carry Grow’s message to others in need.


It has been said that Grow is the best kept secret. Getting the word out, in the form of leaflet distribution – for example in doctors surgeries and libraries – can help bring the existence of Grow to the wider community. We can carry Grow’s message within the group in several ways. We all know how hard it can be to attend our first meeting. We can be that welcoming face that eases the difficulty of passing the threshold for the first timers. We want to give the message that Growers are sensitive people, attuned to how important first impressions can be.


It is important that we know the Grow program, and are seen to follow it ourselves. In this way, we become living examples of the program and its benefits. Being familiar with Grow’s literature allows us to spread the message in our meeting. The ability to pick relevant passages for another Grower is essential for an authentic meeting.


When we take on roles as an organiser/recorder we can inspire other members. Our confidence in our own ability is a testament to the transformative power of Grow, a perfect example of the maxim: If there is hope for anyone, there is hope for me.


Contributing to the Grow newsletter if a privileged way to carry Grow’s message further afield. We can never fully understand the impact of our efforts to follow the last step. But we can reach across the abyss to let others know. We’re here. You alone can do it, but you don’t have to do it alone.