Support Rob on #WhereYouBinMan challenge

The Covid-19 restrictions may have forced the cancellation of the Great Limerick Run, but it is not stopping Rob Stephen from raising funds for GROW Mental Health Recovery.

The run was due to take place on Sunday May 3rd (which coincides with start of the Green Ribbon Month) but Rob is not letting all that training go to waste as he has come up with a novel way to beat the restrictions as he explains.

“In lieu of the Great Limerick Run, I am doing a backyard run in a figure of 8 loop around my three wheelie bins. This will start at 11am for one hour and I have a few spot prizes for those who donate and guess the total number of laps I will do in that time.

“I am using the #WhereYouBinMan hashtag and I have set up an EveryDayHero page and also a Facebook fundraiser (mainly family and friends),” explained Rob.

“I am hoping that as many people as possible will make a donation to help GROW Mental Health Recovery continue their excellent work.

“I hope to post a few videos and with a bit of luck will get a Facebook live session up and running for the event itself. I have a few spot prizes for those who can guess the number of laps I will complete in the given time – providing they make a donation of course,” he added.

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For information and advice on from GROW Mental Health Recovery on how to ‘Create Hope and Stay Positive while facing Covid-19’ visit

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