May 2024 Newsletter – Joy

May 2024 Newsletter

What is joy and how do we open ourselves up to it? Read more about our Grow members’ ideas about joy, plus learn about our annual Grow Mental Health GO YELLOW fundraiser in June and our Annual Member National Weekend September. So much news!

Grow Mental Health Podcast: Hope

Hope Podcast Art

If there is hope for anyone, there is hope for me. If there is hope for me then there is hope for anyone. Listen now to learn more!

April 2024 Newsletter – Hope

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Springtime brings hope in the form of green shoots, more daylight, and warmer temperatures. We rely so much on hope in every part of the Grow Program all year long. We are taking this month to share our views on hope – where we find it when we need it, how we can give hope to others in need, and the ways that hope has influenced our mental health journeys. Plus updates, announcements, and Grow news.

Grow Mental Health Podcast: The Gift of the Gab

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We chat and we talk. What’s the difference? What happens when we can be completely open and honest? How can talking and listening improve our mental health? Join Jenny, Gerry, and Cecilia for a most interesting conversation about CONVERSATION.

Grow Mental Health Podcast: Love

Grow Podcast Feb 2024

What do you think of when you hear the word love? Does it come with conditions or can you feel it freely from yourself and others? Listen here for a beautiful exploration of love and all the ways it fits into the Grow program. Enjoy!

What Does Grow Mean To Me?

online peer support for mental health

What Does Grow Mean To Me? Written By Noirin, Grow Member in the Midwestern Region Little did Father Con Keogh realise that 66 years after setting up Grow in Australia, he would leave such a legacy behind. Not only is Grow widespread in Ireland but worldwide. What does Grow mean to me? It gives structure […]

Grow Mental Health Podcast: Inner Peace

When life feels like it’s too much, it is imperative that we can find some sense of peace within ourselves. Jonathan shows us the way in the beautiful and important conversation.

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