“To live is to change and to live fully is to have changed often.”

The chrysalis changes into the butterfly, the tadpole changes into the frog, the seed becomes the flower, and the baby grows to become the adult. Growth to maturity involves the challenge of:

The Three Basic Changes

  1. Change of thinking and talking
  2. From ‘I am useless, ugly, a failure’ to ‘I am valuable. I have a unique place in life’.
    ‘I will never get well’ to ‘I can and ultimately will become completely well’.
    ‘Others are to blame for my illness’ to ‘It is my responsibility to get well’.
    Instead of talking about problems get help in dealing with them.
    Don’t complain. Emphasise what is, not what isn’t.

“Change your losing game, don’t change your winning game.”

  1. Change of acting
  2. From avoiding everyday situations to doing the ordinary thing I fear. Over/under eating to taking care and control of my body. Isolating myself from family and friends to avoiding isolation. Staying in bed all day to compelling my muscles and limbs to act rightly, in spite of my feelings.
  3. Change of relationships
  4. From accepting bad behaviour from others to aiding others to be reasonable. Focusing only on my own needs and problems to listening to and helping others. Relationships based on anger/fear to relationships based on love and trust.

On Changing

Do I want to be right or do I want to heal?
If we are called to put our creative energies into helping and healing others, and our planet, we must first heal ourselves by attending to the fractured parts of our self. We need to commit to the cultivation of our self-care. We must create a space for self-awareness and quiet. From this space, decisions get made without force or intellect, and opportunities and experiences can unfold with ease

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