1. In necessary things: Strictness and Unity. At a Grow group, The Method and Grow Program are necessary things. Everyone needs to be clear about this and strictly adhere to these basic rules.
2. In optional things: Detachment and Freedom. However, at the same meeting there are lots of opportunities for choice e.g. choice of leader, choice of reading. In all these optional parts of the meeting we allow for differences.
3. In disagreement over which it is: Respect and Personal Integrity. When the group cannot decide whether a matter is necessary or optional, for example in a big group whether to include everyone in progress reports, it is important to respect each person’s view.
4. In all things: Reason and Honesty. Even when agreement is not reached, reason and honesty are always essential for co-operation with others. While the above examples apply to Grow, the guidelines apply to all life situations.
The humble admission:
‘I could be wrong’
This admission is a gate-opener to freedom from distorted thinking. When ‘I could be wrong’ becomes ‘I can see I was wrong,’ then I am free.