The Glow of Grow
by Philomena, Grow Ireland member 

I was wandering in the dark with nowhere I could go

Attracta came with a lantern and guided me to Grow

Sure, I never had heard of it, and I did not really know

But I trusted you and followed you and up I did show


Just click the link it will take you, please just go

Then you enter the realm, a meeting of Grow

We follow Grows method step by step with no fear

We trust, we listen and we lead and help is always near


Once a week our group comes and gathers around

For 30 mindful seconds we pause there isn’t a sound

We raise our heads up, no more eyes to the ground

And you will be a leader, your turn will come round


It’s all for one and one for all

Caring thoughts sent out, your name they will call

The 12 Steps are so precious and we read them aloud

Then Grows commitment read by all in the crowd


We interact and we ask first to see

Could anything be troubling thee

And if there is nothing really wrong

We hear a life story from a member so strong 


We sit and we listen with very good care

We support our group members as they share

Then the 4 lovey p’s they keep us all in line

We take a new task, sure we are constantly trying


When we move forward to the methods middle part

We read from the programme, we share from the start

We reflect, then process and then choose our own part

That touches us sometimes even deep in our heart


A few more p’s we’ll go through, help set a task for you

We will answer Grow’s questions, see how well we did do

We commit to our journey we are so so true

We leave with knowledge and wisdom shared by you 


When I joined Grow, I saw people coming together

I saw there will always be Grow no matter the weather

The wisdom and knowledge is second to none

Show up, share and listen, take tasks, get them done 


A group of warriors all Zoom in online

There is no pressure on you as you will be fine

There will be craic and a laugh and maybe some crying

Keep coming and sharing in your life you’ll start flying 


If there’s anyone you come to know

Who’s struggling doesn’t know where to go

Take Grow’s lantern and let it glow

And guide this person safely to Grow

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