Tips to help stay positive

As we come to the end of ‘Week 1: Accepting What Is’ of our programme of ‘Creating Hope and Staying Positive while facing Covid-19’ it is important that we remain positive in our thoughts.

The weeks ahead will continue to be a challenge so it is vital that we avoid the temptation to focus on what we are missing, but instead to be creative in the ways we can find new supports and fill the gaps we are left with.

Here is a reminder of some Rules for Objective Thinking that are a great benefit:

 * Keep contact – avoid isolation and keep in friendly touch with other people.

* Follow sound advice. Believe what your trusted friends and competent professionals tell you.

* Don’t completely rely on your own impressions or feelings.

* Whenever possible, use simple and ordinary words when speaking.

* Don’t dramatise or misinterpret what people do or say.

* Evaluate soundly, be clear about what is important in your life and what is not.

* Decentralise, don’t think, speak or act as though you were the centre of the universe.

It is also worth reminding ourselves of the Mindset Shift During a Pandemic which help us accept what is: 

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