Area Co-ordinator Louise Carroll has launched a Topic GROW Zoom meeting which will be held every Wednesday night going forward.

Members are choosing the topic and speaking from their own experience of what is helping them. The first topic was on Staying Motivated

The aim of putting these notes together and sending onto members through email or placing on website is to encourage people to come online, make a connection with others and put their thinking caps on around what can help us during this time.

                            Week one – Topic GROW Zoom


Staying Motivated

Read the GROW program, keep your blue book nearby and perhaps start or end your day by reading something that helps you stay motivated

Page 15 of the Blue Book – I can compel my muscles and limbs to act rightly in spite of my feelings. Just get moving, do something no matter how small, by moving our muscles in spite of our feelings we can improve how we feel and stay motivated.

Exercise – Get outside for a walk, do a at home exercise class or just dance around the kitchen to your favourite music. Exercise really helps keep us motivated.

Online Courses – Challenging ourselves to learn something new, lots of online courses now available at reduced rates, have a look at the Recovery College for free online courses. Learning something new helps keep us motivated.

Get up and get dressed – Get dressed before going downstairs (or into the kitchen for those who may live in apartments or bungalows) This can help our mind-set and help us start the day motivated, we are more inclined to get outside, engage with others and over all feel better about our day when we are washed and dressed before mid-day. This is a great one to remember to help us stay motivated.

Note Progress – Keep a note pad beside your bedside locker or on the kitchen table, note any progress you have made, eg I got up and got dressed early today or I took a nap because I really felt I needed to rest. No matter how small the progress, it is still progress and by noting it we can see how far we have come, how much we are learning by living through this experience.

Music – Music is a great way to get motivated. Listening to our favourite music can really lift our mood. Make a playlist of songs that motivate you, listen while walking or relaxing at home. If you can play an instrument, this is a great time to improve your skills and enjoy being motivated by your own music. Music is food for our souls and such a great way to help us stay motivated.

Hope –  There is always hope, reminding ourselves that we have hope, that things can get better and we all hope they will as soon as they can. By just reminding ourselves of this, can motivate us to keep going. Bring this word into conversations you have with others and instead of noting how awful everything is, note that there is hope and we all hope things will soon get better for everyone.



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