Self Care

By Caroline Crotty   I’m not sure how many times I said ‘mind yourself’ or ‘take care’ and recently, someone replied ‘Caroline, I don’t know how’.  I suggested that I’d write an article to outline some of the ways in which we can look after ourselves.   I’ve been thinking about how I ‘mind’ myself. There are a few things […]

Relationship Breakups

By Caroline Crotty   We enter romantic relationships giving our trust and our hearts to another with the hope that neither will be broken. The reality is that most of us know how it feels to have our hearts broken or at least scarred or dented!  People of every age attend counselling or psychotherapy following the […]

Step 11 – Growing daily closer to maturity

By Maria As a child of the sixties. large classrooms were commonplace. There were fifty-four pupils in my class and one teacher. It was easy to feel invisible, and as a quiet child voiceless and unimportant. The louder children drowned out my attempts to speak, and I lost confidence in who I was. I came […]


By Bridget Oh gushy green lushishness  of this early summer’s day, sap-filled shoots pulsating forth  intricate blooms of May. No snow nor hail  or fleeting sleet Will keep a hold  on Earth’s unfolding heat.  Un-burdened now from winter sleep butterflies raise their wings in solar flight, while into June mid-summer looms stretching out the day […]


By Maria Each week a part of our Grow meeting is a report on how well we did the previous week on our chosen task. We will also choose a task for the following week. The Grow Literature advises that it would be better if each member chooses their own task, as they are more […]

‘We are more durable than vulnerable’ – Coping During Covid-19

By George I hope as you read this, you are safe and well. The Covid-19 virus has certainly shook us up. I’ve learned that life doesn’t come with instructions‼️ Learning to live with the virus has been challenging. I recognise that this is a difficult time for all of us and we might be out […]

How I learned to connect during lockdown

By Maeve My name is Maeve. I joined Grow after seeing a poster in our local village hall in Trim in 2018.  When I joined Grow I felt very welcomed and at home straight away. I was 80 years old at the time, I felt very isolated and wanted to connect with others to help my […]

Darkness is simply the absence of light

Shared by Díre at Program Study Morning – Extract from the May 2021 Newsletter   When I was in a little five-year-old body, I used to look up at the sky at night, at all the twinkling stars, and simply wonder at how tiny the earth really was. I had been told that our planet […]

Grow Wisdom- Topic on Zoom, week 11

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TOPIC MEETING – JULY 29TH 2020 MENTAL HEALTH Can’t BE TAUGHT – IT HAS TO BE LEARNT TOGETHER Life experience is the best teacher Connecting with others who understand helps us learnt that we are not alone and learn and encourage each other In helping others we are helping ourselves We can read a story […]

Grow Wisdom – Topic on Zoom, week 9

  TOPIC MEETING JULY 8TH GROW Wisdom – Understanding (self-knowledge) Number 7 page 86 B.B. – If you still need cough mixture you have either still got a cough or you are addicted to cough mixture We can become used to certain behaviours in our lives and be unwilling to challenge ourselves to change? Some […]

The Weekly Takeaway Week 8 July 1st

“If you don’t live the way you think is right, you will end up thinking the way you are living is right” GROW WISDOMS – Understanding (Self-knowledge) If we work towards building our character this can help us to live in the right way for us Listen to our instant, being bullied by others we […]

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