Suicidal Thoughts by Anthony

Through national school and the first two years of secondary, I was happy, but then things started to get bad. Nothing particular happened or changed apart from my own feelings. I started to lack confidence. I began to feel different, and I had low self-esteem. Despite this, I got through Secondary and passed the Leaving […]

Depression by Mary

My first dealings with depression began very slowly and gradually when I was in transition year of school. In “TY”, while everyone was growing in confidence and making new friends, I was becoming more introverted and had very low self-esteem. As an outsider looking in, you would never suspect or believe anything was wrong with […]

Bereavement by Alan

From the age of 16 I had experienced depression and anxiety regularly. I also experienced some bullying. I used to drink alcohol occasionally to overcome these feelings. Overall though, I felt mentally and emotionally okay. However, last year my best friend died due to suicide. After the suicide, things went downhill pretty much straight away. […]

Family Problems by Amy

Family problems became a difficulty for me at the age of 13. My relationship with my Mum deteriorated about this time. The problems started when my Mum’s partner moved into the family home. My parents split up a few years earlier when I was 8. We were still living in the same house but we […]