Throughout April, we explored the Grow Mental Health Core Value of HOPE. In this podcast we talk about how hope is fostered in every Grow meeting and how that light of hope keeps us coming back and working toward recovery. We also look at the importance of holding hope for others when they cannot do it for themselves.

In Grow, we say If there is hope for me. If there is hope for me, then there is hope for anyone. Hope guides us in the darkness and keeps us reaching for the stars in the good times. Hope can be found in so many places in the Grow program and groups.

Join Jenny, Grow member Claire, and Area Coordinator Ruth for an uplifting and powerful look at hope from two different sides of Grow.

Produced by Grow Mental Health, Ireland

Music: Happy Life by FREDJI

Sincere thanks to Claire and Ruth for generously sharing their stories and wisdom. There is no greater way to inspire hope than to share your story of recovery with others. Thank you both.