March 2021 Newsletter


The Power of Gratitude 

We celebrated National Thank You Day with a glimpse into the gratitude within Grow
People who regularly express gratitude for the positive things in their life are shown to be happier overall, leading to lower rates of stress and depression. Saying thank you to our loved ones, friends, strangers and higher power is a healing and growthful part of our journey. This is why Grow Mental Health wanted to take a sneak peek into the regular and abundant gratitude being practiced every day by members. Messages of thanks were everywhere- each as profound and heartwarming as the next.
Now it’s Grow Mental Health’s turn to say thank you for saying thanks! We are all so grateful for the friendship and encouragement we see every day.

St. Patrick’s Day Show

All invited to join in this 12th Step event of craic agus ceoil

The Midland’s region is arranging a St Patrick’ day event from 3-5pm for all. This will be a fun uplifting eve of wearing something green with poem recitals, songs, and storytelling.

The support of all staff is essential in spreading the word and seeing if there is any hidden talent among Growers. Audience members are also needed so it is free for all members to attend and enjoy an eve of light-hearted fun.

Please circulate the details far and wide and anyone who wishes to perform or attend as an audience member can contact Michelle McCormick directly on [email protected] or on 086 418 3805.

The Growing Limericks

Rob Stephen marks the month of March with a rhyme a day

During the month of March, to pass away the time and to keep mentally active during the lockdown, Rob Stephen from the Mid West will be posting a positive limerick each day on his social media accounts.

He is asking you to support his efforts by making a small donation through the button below.
When donating, you are encouraged to submit your own short limerick and be in with a chance to win a spot prize at the end of the month.

Spot prizes include:
  • Cash vouchers
  • Signed copies of The Birthday Party from author Roisin Meaney
  • A signed collection of beautiful books on Limerick by well-known engineer and photographer, John Garrett.
  • A selection of books from the Limerick Writer’s Centre, including Matthew Potter’s The Curious Story of the Limerick.
Roisin Meaney and Dominic Taylor from the Limerick Writer’s Centre have kindly agreed to select their favourites from those submitted.
Rob hopes to engage with his poetic side within his 5km limit and he has found that composing short poems is very therapeutic, helps to keep the mind active, and passes the time whilst out running. Below is a sample to get you thinking. This limerick was inspired by taking part in the recent Operation Transformation Virtual 5k event.

Grow Art Gallery

Creations by members to inspire us on our mental health journeys

The Grow Road
Photo by Rose McGowan

My painting of the Gap is a reminder of the Grow wisdom * 88 on page 108 of the Grow Program Book. ‘If the rough road gets you there and the smooth one doesn’t, which one are you going to take?’.

The Door to Wellness is Not Always Closed
Drawing by Andy McLelland

Look closely- the door is old and full of rot and holes, but it is uniquely beautiful just the way it is.

Freestyle embroidery by Catherine, Charlestown Group

‘Keep seeing the whole picture.’- Grow Program.

Submit to The Grow Gallery
Budding artists or photographers are encouraged to submit photos of their work to be included in the monthly newsletter. If your photo or art is in any way connected to mental health or is therapeutic in some way, please click link below or send it to [email protected] with a title and caption.

Easter Sunday Walk

Follow in Captain Tom’s footsteps and get out walking wearing yellow

Every day people all over Ireland struggle with mental health challenges. So this Easter Sunday, April 4th, supporters of Grow Mental Health from all over the country are being led by Tom, (one of our oldest and dearest patrons) in a walk of solidarity to raise funds for vital weekly mental health supports.

Enquiries to Grow Mental Health have increased by over 400% since the onset of COVID 19 and we need the public’s help to ensure we can continue to accommodate those seeking our support. We are currently supporting over 1,000 people a week in communities all over Ireland.

All staff and members are encouraged to spread the word and sign up to create their own family fundraiser. Getting out and walking in the fresh April air, (safely, with other members of your family or housemates), will also improve your own mental health and increase your energy levels for Summer, which is just around the corner!

Sign up today and walk the walk with Tom for Grow Mental Health.