Take a Breath

Caroline Crotty and the Physiological Sigh

by Caroline Crotty Anyone who knows me is aware that at every opportunity, I recommend learning how to control our breath and breathing. I even go so far as to suggest that when you learn that skill, it is life-changing. Our typical, everyday breathing takes place without us ever having to pay attention to it, it […]

Area Coordinator (Midlands Region, Athlone)

Grow Mental Health is currently seeking to recruit an Area Coordinator, Part-Time, based in Althlone with travel throughout the Midlands Region.

November 2021 Newsletter

We’ve had a busy Autumn season at Grow Mental Health. Our members and staff have been getting back to in-person meetings, organising events, and putting on impactful community education programs. Grab a cuppa and relax while you catch up on all of the news from our last month.

War Zone

by Maria Living with mental illness is a lot like living in a firing range. There are bullets, in the form of mood swings, anxiety, and fear being fired around and above you. Sometimes the noise of the bullets becomes dull and barely discernable. This is the ceasefire we longed, hoped and prayed for. The […]

Step 12 – We Carried Grow’s Message to Others in Need

by Maria   When we come to Grow Mental Health we are initially receivers. We may be broken, lost in the wilderness of mental suffering, with no clear direction of a pathway out. Our Grow group facilitates our journey in so many ways. We have found a safe place, where we are free to express […]

Self Care

By Caroline Crotty   I’m not sure how many times I said ‘mind yourself’ or ‘take care’ and recently, someone replied ‘Caroline, I don’t know how’.  I suggested that I’d write an article to outline some of the ways in which we can look after ourselves.   I’ve been thinking about how I ‘mind’ myself. There are a few things […]

Eastern Region Newsletter

Take a sneak peek at the Eastern Region’s wonderful Autumn 2021 Newsletter.   ‘Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” – Mark Twain Click here to read more: Autumn2021 Eastern Region News

You Must Pass

 By Seamus Sharkey Kelly  Ireland: You must pass your leaving cert, you must get the Points, you must, you must. Oh and sorry there’s no place for you in college?? But here’s another reality: it’s not the end of the world if you don’t pass,  I know only too well. I don’t have a group cert I […]

October 2021 Newsletter

July 2021 Newsletter