June 2024 Newsletter – Let the Light Shine!

June Newsletter Logo

So much news for June! This month we are celebrating the longest days of the year and the hope that comes with that light. We are GOING YELLOW to raise funds for our community based services. We are reflecting on a wonderful regional gathering and looking forward to our national weekend in September. Enjoy!

May 2024 Newsletter – Joy

May 2024 Newsletter

What is joy and how do we open ourselves up to it? Read more about our Grow members’ ideas about joy, plus learn about our annual Grow Mental Health GO YELLOW fundraiser in June and our Annual Member National Weekend September. So much news!

April 2024 Newsletter – Hope

April Newsletter Logo

Springtime brings hope in the form of green shoots, more daylight, and warmer temperatures. We rely so much on hope in every part of the Grow Program all year long. We are taking this month to share our views on hope – where we find it when we need it, how we can give hope to others in need, and the ways that hope has influenced our mental health journeys. Plus updates, announcements, and Grow news.

March 2024 Newsletter – Let’s Talk!

March 2024 Newsletter Logo

This month we are looking at how conversation has the power to heal. Our latest newsletter is full of Grower insights, announcements, news of the month, and so much more! Read on…

January 2024 Newsletter – Be the Change You Want to See

January Newsletter Updated

Our January newsletter takes a look back at the highlights of 2023 in our Grow community. We ended the year with a stunning array of fundraising efforts. We look to the year ahead by encouraging everyone to be the change they want to see around them. Enjoy!

December 2023 Newsletter – Support Through the Season

December 2023 Newsletter Logo

December can be the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be lonely and stressful for many of us. Follow along with our 12 Days of Christmas to keep connected and inspired this year. The newsletter also features a Holiday Calendar of Grow events and news from the past month. Enjoy!

November 2023 Newsletter – Inner Peace

November 2023 Newsletter logo

October was busy and we’ve tried to capture all of our World Mental Health Month activities in our latest newsletter. We are also starting a discussion about INNER PEACE and updating you with all of the latest Grow news. Read on!

September 2023 Newsletter – Creativity

Sept 23 newsletter logo

When we can find a creative outlet, we might tap into emotions and memories buried deep within. We might also find a space to be still and mindful. Here we explore the links between creativity and well-being. Catch up with our latest events, recaps, and Grow news here, too.

August 2023 Newsletter – Happiness and Contentment

August newsletter logo

What does happiness mean to you? How about contentment? Our August newsletter explores these ideas with lots of input from our creative and thoughtful Grow community. Catch up with our latest events, recaps, and Grow news here, too.

July 2023 Newsletter – Friendship

July Newsletter Logo

Telling our story and listen to the stories of others is a powerful experience for so many reasons. Read our latest newsletter to find out why, plus learn about Grow in the community, upcoming events, and all the news from the last month.

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