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Finding Support Groups Near you

If you are interested in finding a local In-Person Support Group near you – you can first check our geographic map below to see if there is a support group near you. Once you have identified which time best suits your work/life balance and if you find a group on our interactive map which might work for you – we would encourage you to click on the Join a support group and complete our registration form. Here you will be given an option of indicating your preference for In-Person Support Groups near you by selecting the county. Once you submit the form, you will then receive an acknowledgment email – explaining how we would  encourage all newcomers to first attend one of our weekly Welcome to Grow session which is held online. We see this as your first step even if your next step will be In-Person.

This session only lasts approx. 1 hour and is run every Monday night at 7:30 online via zoom. This session is aimed for you to get to know us a bit better before you join a weekly support group and more importantly have the opportunity to ask any questions, such as I do not see any support group that is near me – what do I do? If this is the case, we can help you to assess all your options and identify the nearest support group that best fits your needs at this present time.

If you were a member of Grow in the past, and you are looking to re-join us again, please contact your Area Coordinator directly or the regional office in the contact us section.

Alternatively, you can request a call back on the registration form to be directed into a support group near you.

Why Join a Support Group?

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with a mental health challenge, or you just simply feel you cannot cope with what life throws at you or you know someone you’d like to help – our local and online groups are here for you.

The group meetings are carried out in a confidential and supportive environment, no waiting lists or referrals needed, just come along and observe.

There are no charges or membership fees, and you’ll be surrounded with people who have similar lived experiences as you.

The method we use during group meetings has proven success for the past fifty years. You’re in good hands. If you still need some time before signing up to register – and would like to find out more information visit:  Peer Support for Mental Health.

Map of In-Person Support Groups

Search for your country on the search bar below or click on the points on the map. It will zoom in automatically. To see details of the meeting, click on the pinpoint on the map.

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