Grow Mental Health Podcast: Contentment

Contentment Podcast Art

Jenny, Lorraine and John share their thoughts and ideas about happiness, contentment, the Grow Program and how to find peace of mind in the darkest times.

Book Launch: Stories of Hope and Recovery

Book launch

The Grow community and guests gathered on May 17th for the launch of Stories of Hope and Recovery with readings from storytellers, comments from the editors and more,

Grow Mental Health Podcast: Personal Value

Grow podcast personal value

Welcome to February. Love is in the air! Let’s look at what in means to focus that love on ourselves. Join us for the latest Grow Mental Health Podcast: Personal Value.

Grow Mental Health Podcast: Self-Activation

Self-activation podcast art

Our latest podcast is a discussion on SELF-ACTIVATION and how our guests, Colette and Felicia, have learned to take the first step toward positvie change, even when it’s difficult. Enjoy!

Grow Mental Health Podcast: Gratitude

Grow Mental Health Podcast Gratitude

Join Jenny and Grow member Christine for a discussion on gratitude. Why is it important? How can it help you on your journey to wellness? What does a gratitude practice look like to you?

Looking to the Future for Recovery

Looking to the future

When we look forward, instead of back, are we better poised for recovery and growth? Some inteesting opintions on the future of psychology including our own National Program Coordinator, Andrea Best.