The Glow of Grow

The Glow of Grow

A poem that beautifully captures Philomena’s journey in Grow Mental Health.

Connection by Jonathan

Grow member Jonathan Mullen beautifully captures the many faces of Connection and how we can all lean on connection to support our own mental health.

Embracing Change

Change habits

An brief exploration of change in our lives by Grow member Jonathan Mullen.

Positive Living

By James Corcoran, Claremorris Group   When I came to live in Limerick in August 1979, I found it hard to settle in, Up to that time I did things on impulse and this was not a good way to solve problems. Then I began to go to Grow meetings and people there helped me […]

Step 11 – Growing daily closer to maturity

By Maria As a child of the sixties. large classrooms were commonplace. There were fifty-four pupils in my class and one teacher. It was easy to feel invisible, and as a quiet child voiceless and unimportant. The louder children drowned out my attempts to speak, and I lost confidence in who I was. I came […]

Grow Wisdom- Topic on Zoom, week 11

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TOPIC MEETING – JULY 29TH 2020 MENTAL HEALTH Can’t BE TAUGHT – IT HAS TO BE LEARNT TOGETHER Life experience is the best teacher Connecting with others who understand helps us learnt that we are not alone and learn and encourage each other In helping others we are helping ourselves We can read a story […]