Grow Mental Health Podcast: Letting Go

Grow Mental Health Podcast Letting Go

Join Jenny, Emily, and Thomas for a raw and honest look at letting go for mental health. We talk about how to identify the things that are no longer healthy for us, how our Grow groups help us in the process of letting go, and what the world can look like when you are able to shed those habits, relationships, resentments that are holding your back from your own growth and recovery.

Grow Mental Health Podcast: Truth

Grow Mental Health Podcast on Truth

Join Jenny, Grow Member Myles and member and Area Coordinator Michelle as they discuss truth as the key to change, connection, integrity, and so much more. Myles and Michelle share their difficult journeys to living their truth. This one is not to be missed!

Grow Mental Health Podcast: Leadership

Leadership Podcast Grow Mental Health

Join Jenny and Grow Member John and Grow National Volunteer Coordinator Mary for a discussion about the barriers to leadership and the role leadershiop plays in the Grow Program. In Grow, we see everyone as a leader with both the capability and responsibility to take on leadership roles.